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Scrum Expertise

The Scrum Master is ultimately accountable for the adoption of Agile principles and methods within the Squad.

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Facilitate Agile ceremonies; Introduce and configure required Agile demand and delivery management tools; Train and support teams on usage of the tools and Agile best practice; Review Backlog and introduce best practice to document user stories, specifications and test cases in an Agile way

Included deliverables

Deliverable [per PI] Media Quality Criteria
check Sprint Plan Jira/Email
  • Completed Sprint backlog, consisting of the stories committed to for the Sprint, with clearly defined acceptance criteria and any dependencies
  • A statement of iteration goals, typically a sentence or two for each one, stating the business objectives and values of the iteration
check Sprint Reports Jira/Email
  • Completed Sprint Closure report showing stories delivered against commitment
  • Completed Sprint burn-down chart showing the actual vs estimated effort per Sprint
  • Completed Sprint Velocity chart showing the amount of story points delivered per Sprint
  • Completed Sprint RAID report showing current status of RAID items of that particular Sprint
check Sprint retrospective report Jira/Email
  • All artefacts from the scrum retrospectives documented at end of each Sprint including the action items that feed into the next Sprint
check Update / add to RAID log Jira/Email
  • Continuous process. Known project Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies mapped & tracked
  • RAID record:
    1. RAID Type: What RAID type is it
    2. Feature against: For which feature are we raising this RAID for
    3. Need to be resolved by: By which date or sprint do you need it resolved so that team can progress on it as per plan
    4. Who is raising it: Which team or person is raising it
    5. Who is raised against (resolver): Is resolver a person/ team or Program
    6. RAID Type Jira reference id: Raise it in Jira and share the RAID Jira reference number
    7. (Optional) Jira Labels: to help identify in program RAID Kanban board

Additional deliverables

Add on Deliverables Media Quality Criteria
Sign-off on ST Reports Jira/Email
  • Validation and sign-off of ST Report against committed stories
  • Dependency on the ST team for the report
Sign off on ST test scenarios Email/Excel
  • Validation and sign-off of ST test scenarios against committed stories
  • Dependency on the ST team for the test scenarios
Bespoke Deliverables Media Quality Criteria
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