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Site networking with SD-WAN

Experience the next generation of networking between different company locations (including cloud, partners and customers).

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Site networking using a Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is the next generation of networking between different company sites (including cloud, partners and customers). Within a SD-WAN, an intermediate layer is implemented in between the physical connection of the individual locations (DSL, fiber optics, mobile communications, ... including a potentially existing MPLS) being the WAN part of the SD-WAN on one hand side and on the other side the users whose characteristics are administered centrally for all locations (this is the software defined part of the SD-WAN). In contrast to the technologies for site networking, which have been used so far, the characteristics administered by software are parameters from the user's point of view, such as the type of usage (ERP connection, Office applications, telephony & video conferencing, cloud connection(s), Internet, streaming, ...), the user groups (employees, management, finances, developers, guests, customer(s), partners, ...), security requirements, reliability, etc.

Included deliverables

Deliverable [per PI] Media Quality Criteria
check Consulting Remote
  • Discover your requirements and your purpose
  • Consulting on suitability of SD-WAN for the intended purpose

Additional deliverables

Add on Deliverables Media Quality Criteria
Planning & Design Remote

Based on the requirements provided by the customer (relevant locations, planned usage and existing connections) we plan the SD-WAN.

The result of the planning is a list of the required physical connections and the design of the SD-WAN including any necessary integrations with the IT customer (e.g. for the key management by the customer or for the integration of the SD-WAN in a comprehensive monitoring system by the IT organization of the customer).

Building On-site

We deliver all active components based on planning and the available connections. The physical installation of the components on site can be carried out by the customer or by us. After installation, we integrate the components, bring the site network into operation and hand it over to the selected operating organization.

Operation Remote

Based on the agreed SLA:

  • Operation by the customer's IT organization - support only in the event of a fault
  • Operation in accordance with the Standard SLA
  • Operation in accordance with the Premium SLA

we deliver the corresponding operational responsibility.

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