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App Management

Automated App testing with regards to user experience, usage and recognition rates.

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App management comprises an agile approach, whereby apps of different category groups can be tested automatically for user experience / usage and detection rates. This should ensure that the end customer receives the best possible user experience. The app management also performs the following objectives:


  • Reduced time-to-market using an agile approach with shortened test cycles based on test automation
  • Continuous support for the entire on- and off-boarding process of apps
  • Transparency about the status of all app requests, based on a central tool solution and regular status reports
  • Scalability in terms on the number of apps to be implemented

Included deliverables

Deliverable [per PI] Media Quality Criteria
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Handling and managing the on- and off-boarding processes as well as for the lifecycle management of the included apps, are based on a managed service concept

  • Process design for efficient handling of on- and off-boarding processes
  • Digitization of the process through the implementation of a central tool-based solution (Jira)
  • continuous activation of new apps due to the usage of agile processes
  • Based on the quality criteria defined by the network operator, 7P ensures high quality user experience through extensive testing of the apps
  • Development of an appropriate test strategy in order to test apps of different category groups such as music or gaming
  • Using atest automation tool
  • Lifecycle management of activated (rolled out) apps
  • Continuous support of the product managers throughout the entire app lifecycle
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