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Active Service Assurance

Actively and persistently check for flawless function and configuration of all active network elements.

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Active Service Assurance delivers a paradigm shift towards a monitoring of telecommunication networks that is persistently checking for flawless function and configuration of all active network elements. This persistent monitoring is carried out by means of signaling and is therefore rarely affecting the monitored network. As a result, Active Service Assurance can easily scale from small private networks to very large nation-wide networks with multi-million subscribers. If a deviation from the target state is detected during the monitoring, even in just one instance of a given network element that has multiple instances, all relevant information is made available for the operations team. On request, corrective measures can also be initiated automatically. Any already implemented capacities for end-to-end monitoring can be integrated into the Active Service Assurance solution or can be supplied as a supplementary component.

Included deliverables

Deliverable [per PI] Media Quality Criteria
check Delivery Plans Remote or on-site
  • Automation of defect detection, acceleration of search and correction of defects
  • Reduction of risks during operation, after the product launch (go live) and during configuration changes
  • Assure revenue (fewer errors, faster troubleshooting)
  • Reduce churn (higher product quality)
  • Reduction of acquisition and integration costs and protecting mile stones during user acceptance and activation

Additional deliverables

Bespoke Deliverables Media Quality Criteria
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