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Full-Stack Java Development

Our full-stack developers are the all-round talents for your project success!

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Our full-stack developers have broad expert knowledge and are equally familiar with front-end technologies such as Angular and Spring Boot and back-end technologies such as JEE 8 with EJBs, REST services and JPA. They are competent contacts in questions about software architecture styles such as microservices, 3-tier or message-based. This is complemented by a knowledge of relational and NoSQL databases, as well as experience in barrier-free frontend development. Our full-stack developers can be involved in your classic as well as your agile projects.

Included deliverables

Deliverable [per PI] Media Quality Criteria
check Software Design and Architecture Remote or on-site
  • Collaboration in the selection, evaluation and application of software architecture styles
  • Definition of internal and external system interfaces
  • Application of suitable design patterns
  • Collaboration in the project-specific evaluation and selection of different front-end and back-end technologies
check Software Development Remote or on-site
  • Tailor-made software development with methods suitable for you, such as Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) or Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Expert knowledge of common SCM systems and branching concepts
  • Use of common build tools such as Maven or Gradle in your project
  • Software documentation in source code, wikis and manuals
  • Use of frontend-relevant components and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Vaadin, Vue.js or PrimeFaces
  • Use of backend-relevant components and technologies such as JEE or Spring
check Software Deployment Remote or on-site
  • Build-up and maintenance of a continuous integration and delivery pipeline using Gitlab CI or Jenkins
  • Continuous code integration during development
  • Selection and implementation of techniques to support continuous deployment such as version control, blue/green deployments, feature toggles
  • Development and maintenance of web infrastructure technologies
  • Maintenance, support and configuration of application servers (e.g. ngnix or Apache)
  • Setup of server- and client-side certificates
check Software Quality Assurance Remote or on-site
  • Setup and execution of unit tests
  • Increase of test automation
  • Determination of test coverage of the software
  • Execution of static code analysis and derivation of appropriate measures

Additional deliverables

Add on Deliverables Media Quality Criteria
Requirements management Remote or on-site
  • Support in the collection of requirements from the customer
  • Structuring and weighting of the requirements
  • Support in analyzing the requirements and capturing them in a format suitable for you, for example as Epics with user stories in JIRA
Containerization Remote or on-site
  • Creation of modern, container-based applications e.g. with Docker or Kubernetes
  • Setting up and maintaining the containers
Bespoke Deliverables Media Quality Criteria
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