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Full-Stack PHP Development

Create and run, improve and optimise your websites or complex enterprise solutions with well-rounded full-stack PHP consulting

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Our extensive software architecture knowledge in the field of front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) development can benefit project of any size and scope – be it a simple portal or a mission critical solution. We can assist with analysis of your existing applications, offer independent advise for improvements, do pre-planning, design . wire-frames, and, drive implementation at both the front- and backend.

Included deliverables

Deliverable [per PI] Media Quality Criteria
check Project management Remote or on-site
  • Analysis of the project components and creation of a performance profile taking into account customer and project specifications
  • Selection of suitable frameworks, databases, server environment
  • Interface definitions and standardization
check Software Design and Architecture Remote or on-site
  • Assisting in the selection, evaluation and application of software architecture styles and code standards
  • Assistance in the project-specific evaluation
  • Selection of suitable front- and backend technologies
  • Selection of suitable frameworks
check Software Deployment Remote or on-site
  • Customized software development using suitable methods such as PHPINSIGHTS, in an agile setup
check Software Quality Assurance Remote or on-site
  • Setup and implementation of PHPUnit tests and Acceptans tests
  • Code review, monitoring of the code standards and controlling of incoming merge requests
  • OWASP (Open Web Application Security Process)
  • Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS)
  • Checking the accessibility
  • Planning and implementation of PEN tests.

Additional deliverables

Add on Deliverables Media Quality Criteria
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Remote or on-site
  • Keyword research, analysis of the optimal keywords with AdWords
  • Campaign planning
  • Page optimization
  • Conversion and UX optimisation
Content-Management-System (CMS) Remote or on-site
  • Drupal / Typo3 / Wordpress
  • Implementation, extensions, configuration
  • Development of plugins
Shop systems Remote or on-site


  • Magento 2
  • WordPress
  • Shopware
  • XT/Commerce
Bespoke Deliverables Media Quality Criteria
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