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Product Management

The Product Manager is responsible for the entire E2E product life-cycle from new feature development, continuous improvement, product life-cycle management and decommissioning.

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Participate in relevant agile ceremonies when required (SI planning, PI planning, scrum meetings, sprint retrospective); Working with required stakeholders to define and prioritise Epics and Capabilities; Allocating features and user stories to sprints

Included deliverables

Deliverable [per PI] Media Quality Criteria
check Product Backlog Jira/Email

Supporting the flow of work to ensure enough features are ready in the backlog at all time

check Business Case Jira/Email

Develop and manage the Lean Business Case for Epics that affect the ART

check Delivery Plans Jira/Email

Leverages the Continuous Delivery Pipeline to deliver value in a time frame that balances market demands with the business goals

check Product Collateral Jira/Email

Approved for sales , customer support and other required stakeholders (both internal and external)

Additional deliverables

Bespoke Deliverables Media Quality Criteria
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