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Design Thinking
This two-day online training is designed to understand the agile approach Design Thinking; a customer-centric and iterative method for solving complex problems and developing new ideas. During the training you will be introduced to Design Thinking with a variety of exercises and you will learn how to apply tools of the Design Thinking process. Our coaches will demonstrate how Design Thinking can be used to tackle complex problems and develop new solutions for your company with interdisciplinary teams.

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The training will be conducted remotely with the help of standard collaboration software.

Included deliverables

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Day 1:

  • Basics of the Design Thinking Process
  • Introduction to Design Thinking principles
  • The six phases in Design Thinking
  • Familiarization with design challenges & development of the question
  • Practical development of the first three phases


Day 2

  • Practical development of the last three phases
  • Collection & evaluation from all findings
  • Development of prototypes in iteration loops
  • Presentation and testing of ideas
  • Reflection of the work results and reference to practice
  • Tips for application in everyday work and training transfer
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  • Workshop slides (PDF)
  • Additional learning material
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