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Edge Cloud

Edge Cloud is a cloud platform that is not located centrally in one of the large data centers, but on the edge of the Internet.

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Edge Cloud is a cloud platform that is not located centrally in one of the large data centers, but at the edge of the Internet, i.e., on customer's premises. The fields of application for such an edge cloud are diverse: starting with the implementation of particularly runtime (latency) critical applications; to the protection of especially sensitive data that should not leave the company premises even virtually; up to data economy where it is no longer necessary to transfer every single item, instead consolidated or aggregated data is transferred to the central data centers or cloud platforms.

Included deliverables

Deliverable [per PI] Media Quality Criteria
check Consulting Remote
  • Getting to know your requirements and your purpose
  • Consulting on suitability of campus networks for the intended purpose
  • Consulting on the selection of the right technologies for the intended purpose

Additional deliverables

Add on Deliverables Media Quality Criteria
Planning & Design Remote

We plan the edge cloud based on the customer´s requirements (applications, volume use cases, ...) and any already existing edge cloud instances (e.g., being a component of a 5G campus network).

The result of the planning is a list of required physical connections and the design of the active components.

Building Remote or on-site

Based on the planning, design and the connections provided we deliver all active components. The physical installation of the components on site can be carried out by the customer or by us. After installation, we integrate the components, bring the edge cloud into operation and hand it over to the organization which will be responsible for operation.


Application Development & Backend Integration Remote

Based on the requirements, we design and develop an application that is optimized in accordance with customer's priorities. The development takes place according to an agile model and can also be embedded as an independent Scrum team of corresponding frameworks implemented by customer (e.g. SAFe).

The software is delivered in coordination with the customer's IT organization via CI / CD pipelines.

Operation Remote

Based on the agreed SLA:

  • Operation by the customer's IT organization - support only in the event of a fault
  • Operation in accordance with the Standard SLA
  • Operation in accordance with the Premium SLA

we deliver the corresponding operational responsibility.

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